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Can you escape alive from the dangerous Asendra ruins?

In Inherited Sins, you will play the role of Aryan, a simple traveling merchant who because of an innate ability he'll be involved in a rather dangerous situation. Aryan will have to escape some horrific ruins that have been the last abode of many unfortunates for more than two centuries. The only option for our protagonist will be to collaborate with a very peculiar fairy that apparently has also been trapped in that place.

  • Inherited Sins is a game focused 100% on puzzle solving, there are no combats but there are enemies that will make your walk through the ruins something more dangerous. The game is mostly inspired by the titles of Team ICO and the The Legend of Zelda franchise. 
  • Travel between the physical and the astral plane to solve puzzles and continue advancing in your adventure, but be careful, because the creatures of the spiritual world are too dangerous... 
  • Thanks to the lighting script (Khas Ultra Lighting) it has been possible to provide the maps with a very interesting atmosphere without losing performance. 

Aryan: He is a simple merchant who has been locked in dangerous ruins. Apparently Aryan has done something very bad for what he has been sentenced to die. 

Fressia: A peculiar fairy that has been trapped in the dangerous ruins of Asendra. She must collaborate with Aryan to escape from there.

AuthorKermex Games
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Inherited Sins - [Definitive Edition] v1.1.1 42 MB

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Wow, that was an excellent game! I'm leaning more to the puzzle and story side in RPGs, so this was a great fit for me. Nice puzzles and good exploration gameplay. 
The automp in the lower right was not something I've ever seen in an RPG-Maker game, it helped plan routes around the enemies.

I'm looking forward to see more from you!

Thanks for playing the game! Its great to know that you liked it. In this moment I'm working on my next game, I'll be posting some progress soon.

As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!